Manitoba Crime Stoppers is proud to offer a powerful presentation to the youth in Rural Manitoba Communities that supports youth who receive good factual information concerning drugs, alcohol, bullying, teen violence and suicide and provides them with options to be able to do something about it.

The presentation is multi-media and includes video clips from Serge Leclerc, a drug dealer/convict who now has dedicated his life to helping youth who are chemically dependent. The presentation concludes with the video “Choose to Trust” produced by Students from Seattle, Washington with lyrics done by a Seattle Rock Band.

Although Crime Stoppers is the main focus of the presentation, we emphasize to students it is one option and in fact encourage them to speak to their Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher, Counselor, parents or police if they feel comfortable doing so. However if they are worried about retaliation or alienation and want to be totally anonymous, Crime Stoppers may be the option for them.

A summary of the program can be provided to school administration upon request. If the program is of interest to your school, a confirmation letter of approval from the school and the superintendent is required. The presentation is delivered and we will provide you with some posters to advertise Crime Stoppers in the school. The program is basically maintenance free. All tips would be received by the Provincial Coordinator’s office and awards would be handled by the Manitoba Crime Stoppers Board of Directors. There is no cost to the school.

Schools visits can be arranged through the Manitoba Crime Stoppers coordinator office. Please contact us if you wish to arrange a visit.