June 6, 2014



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On June 6th, 2014, Steinbach received a report of a theft from Canada Vision Care located at 20 Brandt Street in Steinbach. Police have determined that a suspect female stole approximately 15-20 pairs of prescription glasses/sunglasses from this location. Almost immediately after leaving Canada Vision Centre the female attempted to shoplift several items from the Bargain Shop, however was stopped before she could leave with the items. The suspect female is described as being Caucasian, approximately 5’4, approximately 180 lbs, with shoulder length dark hair that was in pigtails, and tattoos on her shoulder or back. The female was wearing a long white tube top with dark shorts underneath, a blue baseball cap, white sunglasses, and flip flops. The suspect female was with a male who was approximately 6’0, 300 lbs, with short dark hair, and tanned skin. The male had a small dog with him that was black and brown in colour. The couple left the location in a maroon vehicle that is described as being either a small SUV or a station wagon. Police are requesting that public’s assistance in identifying these individuals.