Donate Time

Manitoba Crime Stoppers is responsible for promoting the Crime Stoppers message throughout the Province, except for Winnipeg and Brandon, which have local programs. The Board is composed of Directors from various areas of the Province, along with an RCMP Police Coordinator responsible for forwarding tips to police agencies.

As a volunteer Board member you will be responsible for promoting Crime Stoppers in your particular area. This may include visiting local law enforcement, schools, media and town councils. You will represent your area at Board meetings and share concerns and ideas toward enhancing activities that promote our goals. Directors are expected to attend Board meetings, which are held four to five times a year, usually in Winnipeg. Your travel and other associated expenses are covered by the Board.

The Board is always interested in receiving applications from those who are outgoing, personable and willing to raise their profile in their community as an ambassador of the Crime Stoppers message. If you want to contribute to the fight against crime in your areas, then you may want to consider joining the Manitoba Crime Stoppers Board.


If you believe you are Crime Stoppers material, tell us a bit about yourself and what you have to offer. We will contact you for further discussion and to answer any other questions you might have. Given the confidential nature of the anonymous information handled by Crime Stoppers, should you be considered for a Director position, you will need to complete a fuller application and authorize a criminal background check.

Contact us to get things started