May 4, 2016



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On May 4th, 2016, at about 2:00 PM an unknown male suspect stole two cell phones and credit cards from two RM of Macdonald work vehicles. Shortly after, the stolen credit cards were used in the Saint Norbert / Southern Winnipeg area.
Suspect #1 drove up to the pumps at the Co-Op Gas Station on Pembina Highway, filled a blue Ford (no plates) with diesel, and then went in to pay. The suspect is described as a chubby white male, wearing brown shoes with orange on them, brown shorts, a blue hoodie, sunglasses, and a Blue Jays ball cap.

Suspect #2 went into the Shell Gas Station on Pembina Highway (believed to be the passenger of the blue Ford) and used a stolen credit card to make some purchases. Described as tall, thin, dark complexion, black beard, wearing all black, with sunglasses and a black ball cap with a red brim.