September 6, 2020

RM of Pembina

Breaking & Entering, Theft

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Sometime between September 6th and 10th, 2020, a garage in the RM of Pembina was broken into and a substantial amount of antique items were stolen, including a Royal Canadian Air Force sign, 3 Buffalo cans, 2 Buffalo grease cans, 1 Buffalo quart can, a Red Indian can collections with the display and sign (15 cans), a Texaco Globe, a Texaco rack sign and a Zig Zag collection containing 2 orange and black cigarette paper dispensers and 6 blue and white cigarette paper dispensers.

RCMP are asking antique collectors to keep their eyes out for the items stolen during this crime and to call the Morden RCMP Detachment at (204) 822-4476.